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Thame, Wednesday march 15th 2006, meditation-expedition in Nepal with my friend Marion and 5 other women and our guide Kamal.

So much snow around the little lodge where we are staying. It is not possible to walk further today.
Our exercise this day: We imagine “I am the Buddha and every-one I see today is also the Buddha”. We will be in silence all day and deep inside we will feel that all men and all creatures have been our mothers.

I wake up feeling like a Buddha and walk alone, as Buddha did.
One hour later I sit on a big rock near the wild river. It is freezing, all colors white and brown, the noise of the river and the noise of the Silence. So quiet, I am completely alone. Far away I see yaks with Tibetan people. They came over the high mountains and go to Namche Bazar to sell their stuff. The yaks and their owners look strong and big and dark. So much power! And I say to myself: “they were also my mothers in the past!” I feel tears welling in my eyes and love in my heart. We are one! And that is all.

A few hours after this I make a pile of big stones. I can see mountains everywhere, snow, another river in the distance, so much Beauty around me. And I see Kamal near the river, on the bridge. My loyal guide who walks with me for the third time in the Himalaya’s. No better guide, not enough words to tell how much I appreciate this man of Nepal. He is everywhere all of the time. To see if he can make things comfortable for the ladies from Holland. He even participates in our exercise of today. His heart is full of love and in his eyes you see a wise soul.

I think: Kamal is also the Buddha and in the past he was my mother! And with a big smile I go to the bridge to say hello to him.

Miep Grijpma