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As a fifteen year old boy my mother took me with her to Nepal. Together we would made a trek from three weeks trough the Himalayas. I didn’t no what to expect on forehand but I couldn’t had hoped for more. This was something unlike I’d ever seen before.

Nepal and its mountains are just amazing. The views, the people, everything was new for me, I felt so alive, so real! We didn’t feel like going with a group of people, we didn’t want to come to Nepal with a travel organization from back home. we were right, you experience so much more when you travel with a small group. The Nepali treated us like people instead of stupid rich tourists.

We looked up a local trekking agency and so we found Kamal, our guide, and Temba, our porter. After three overwhelming days of Katmandu we traveled by bus to a little village in the mountains. Those huge mountains made me feel so small and my problems so unimportant. After two days you don’t care about anything anymore, there is only you, the mountains and once in a while an energy bar.

From day one Kamal and Temba were like my big brothers. We had fun, we played games and they showed us all the interesting details. In three unforgettable weeks we made the Lang-Tang trek. I saw peaks higher than 7000 meter, wild rivers, huge green valleys, lakes on an altitude of 4200 meter and monkey’s in the trees.

It was just the best vacation I’ve ever had.
Right now, I’m studying for a year on an American college. Next year I’m going back to Nepal for half a year. I’ll will live in Katmandu for a few months and take a volunteer-job and of course make another trek. Once you have been there, you have to go back.